Gratitude List Guide + Self Care Planner BUNDLE Healthy Happy Impactful™

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The Gratitude + Self Care BUNDLE will help you:

  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • increase your levels of optimism
  • sleep better
  • become more resilient
  • improve self-esteem
  • enhance your relationships

Here's what's in the bundle...


  • 263 unique ideas for things to be grateful for
  • Blank template to make your own personalized gratitude list


  • Self-Care Quiz
  • 100 Self Care Ideas & Self-Care Sunday Ideas
  • Self Care Vision Board Template (With Instructions)
  • Self-Care Kit Ideas + Template
  • Daily & Weekly Self-Care Planners
  • Daily & Weekly Self-Care Checklists 
  • 30 Day Self-Care Challenge Calendar
  • Challenge Tracker, Descriptions, Blank Template, & Blank Mind Dump Template 
  • Gratitude Challenge, Blank Template, & Tracker
  • Gratitude Lists & Journal Pages
  • Gratitude Affirmations
  • Gratitude Journal Prompts 
  • Self-Love Affirmations
  • Self-Love Challenge Calendar + Blank
  • 10 Reasons I'm Awesome Page
  • Self-Love Journal Prompts

This deluxe self-care & gratitude bundle will help you prioritize what's important in your life and eliminate the stress you're carrying around each day.

It will not only tame the overwhelm, but provide you with a more streamlined approach to adding gratitude and self-care practices in the long-term.

***30 Day Money Back Guarantee!!!!

*Instant Digital Download (nothing will be shipped)

*Plus, you can fill in the blank templates by computer using the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. - Instructions included!*