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The FAMILY GROWTH PACK will help you:

  • connect on a deeper level (while laughing till your stomach hurts)
  • feel grateful for all the good in your life, boosting your family's happiness
  • encourage your kids to look for challenge and growth, even in the struggles.

BONUS: Family bucket lists and goal sheets too!

Are you tired of feeling disconnected and down?

Good, quality time as a family is HARD to find. Activities, jobs, school, and screens all pull for our attention. It's no wonder we're exhausted and distracted.

But you want happy kids that grow resilient and see the good in life. Plus, you want to feel connected with them, and for them to know that they are loved.

Is that really so much to ask?

But how can you achieve this now?

Because the window for guiding them and making incredible memories is limited. And it goes fast.

Does this sound like you?:

1) You wish you saw more smiles from your kids or laughed more often around them.

2) You feel that your family is taking things for granted or focusing on the negative.

3) You want to teach your kids to be resilient, but you're not sure how.

But imagine if you:

  • had kids who took a learning approach to life (helping them succeed in all they do)
  • focused on the simple joys of life together (like watermelon dripping down your arms) and felt 10x happier for it.
  • created more sweet memories they'll remember when they're grown.

Starting this second, you can increase the love, and laughter in your home. Imagine how that feels!

The pack will:

  • build self-esteem in your kids
  • Use questions and gratitude to build incredible bonds
  • Motivate kids to open up and connect with you
  • And so much more!

Your all-in-one solution to finally connect at a deeper level, and have a happier family for it.

Here's exactly what you'll find in the pack:

  • 8 notes for young kids (stick in lunch boxes, under pillows, etc.!)
  • 30 notes for older kids (+ 20 blank notes)
  • 20 Kids affirmation cards
  • 10 growth mindset question cards
  • Growth mindset plan sheet
  • List of great growth mindset books for kids
  • 3 Growth mindset wall art pages
  • Jar of gratitude page
  • 2 "Things I'm grateful" for pages
  • 10 Gratitude conversation starters
  • Gratitude tic tac toe
  • 2 gratitude journal pages
  • Gratitude wall art
  • Gratitude scavenger hunt
  • 50 Would you rather conversation cards
  • 75 Never have I ever questions
  • 45 Fun yes or no questions
  • 50 How well do you know me questions
  • 60 Fun this or that questions

And don't miss your bonus packs!

Bonus 1: The Family goals pack: goals examples, blank list template, and family goal plan sheet

Bonus 2: Family bucket lists pack: 5 seasonal bucket list example pages + blank templates to make your own!

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*Plus, you can fill in the blank templates by computer using the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.*